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ESCAPE Architect VR

'Escape Architect VR' is an exciting and challenging multi-room escape environment. All of our dev-made rooms will have different themes but will be centered around the same style and lighthearted, silly, cheeky tone. Successful escapologists can use the included room editor to create and share their own ingenious and perplexing VR puzzles.

Escape Architect VR is currently avaliable on Steam in Early Access as of August 19th, 2019. Get your copy now!

Lost Traveller - Cryochambers
Lost Traveller - Bulkhead Door
Lost Traveller - Control Room
Lost Traveller - Navigation Console
Lost Traveller - Escape Pod
Forgotten Tomb - Light Room
Forgotten Tomb - Sarcophagus Room
Forgotten Tomb - Tile Room
Office Tutorial Room
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Forgotten Tomb - Light Room