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  • Georgia Geddes

We were interviewed on The SWW Show!

We were contacted by a podcast called 'The SWW Show', a few weeks ago asking if we were available to have a chat with them about Escape Architect VR and Tunacorn Studios. We sat down with them on the 9th and that chat went live on the 14th. Go listen to James, Nathalia and I chat about the development of Escape Architect VR, the Australian games industry and our thoughts on virtual reality at https://anchor.fm/sww/episodes/Special-Report-Episode-6-Escape-Architect-VR-e5aseo!

The guys at 'The SWW Show' do podcasts about video games, Borderlands 3, movies and pop-culture. They've had on people from Pokemon Go Chicago, That Indie Studio, and Dragon Slumber. Go check them out on their website, https://theswwshow.weebly.com/, and on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/SWWPodcast/, and find 'The SWW Show' wherever you get your podcasts! (They prefer Anchor, I personally use Overcast)