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  • Georgia Geddes

Releasing on Steam in less than 1 hour!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Final post before Escape Architect VR releases on Steam today everyone!

The game goes live in less than an hour and we’re so excited for everyone to play through the whole level! Again, a quick reminder to go and wishlist the game even if you can buy it immediately, or can’t buy it at the moment because of a lack of VR headset, it really helps push us up Steam’s listings and show our game to our people who might like it!

We have worked out all the final kinks and put our last polish on the first release build, and we’ve started creating the environment for the next level that we’ll be releasing in October. It’s an ancient Egyptian tomb themed level and all the puzzles are so different from the science fiction level Lost Traveller. We really excited to get you guys playing it at PAX Australia in October and show you the variation of puzzles and levels you can create in our editor when it comes out!

That’s all for now, go forth and escape!