Meet the team at Tunacorn!

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As the Producer, Art Director and self-proclaimed Blogmaster over at Tunacorn Studios, I might as well introduce myself and my team members. This is what we have been working on in March!

I'm Nathalia and I will be the primary blogger for our team.

I am in charge of conducting meetings (both design and art) and delivering ideas through concept art to the rest of my team so they can better understand how I picture levels and puzzles in my head. This month has been all about constructing our HUB world / Main Menu to suit VR. Due to the platform, we can't have a traditional screen to start our game so we have built an environment instead that will throw players right into the story.

Meet Nathan

I have been working on a lot of the puzzle elements to our game, the most challenging part is making sure that everything works together nicely. We have come up with multiple room ideas which we all believe will run well and smooth. I have also been working on assets to fill the rooms and so far we have completed all assets for our HUB world and tutorial level.

Meet Brendon

This month I have been working on modelling assets for our puzzles and also collaborating with Nathalia and Nathan in design meetings. While helping the art team flesh out our future content I have also been creating particles for later implementation in our editor. 

and James!

For March, I have re-written the multi-tool system allowing for a more dynamic and easy to use editor. It makes my job as the programmer almost 10x easier when it comes to adding in new tools. I also started work on the new 'connection wand tool' which will be probably the most used tool of them all, so it's been a bit of a challenge to design an elegant way to handle it.
April is coming in fast and while we are hard at work, we are keen to show you the fruits of our labors! So in April we will be having a blog post every weekend with a Screenshot Saturday. We will be posting WIP assets, narrative progress, concept art and a preview of our tool system.
Get excited!
Tunacorn Studios.