May I Introduce Our First Project: Escape Architect VR!

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Do you like finding your way out of (or into) locked rooms?
Do you enjoy building levels and creating perplexing puzzles?
Well Escape Architect VR is the game for you!
Players will be put in the role of a testing employee, working at a company that commissions escape rooms for /slightly/ shady individuals. It's your job to get in there and race against the clock solving puzzles so you can live to test another day... or get shipped out as a part of the package deal.
We have been working so hard for the past year to start our business as Tunacorn Studios and lay the foundations for a great game. Getting the opportunity to show a demo of Escape Architect VR at PAX AUS last year was amazing! Thanks to everyone who played, and the friends we made along the way. It was truly an experience and a learning curve.
Since then we have expanded our ideas and design technique in order to bring the VR community a set of exciting and intriguing levels for your solving enjoyment. We will go into detail on each of the levels at the end of every month from now on, along with concept art and updates on development.
Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by~
Tunacorn Studios.