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Tunacorn Studios is a gathering of enthusiastic innovators located in Ultimo, Australia.

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Meet the team at Tunacorn!

As the Producer, Art Director and self-proclaimed Blogmaster over at Tunacorn Studios, I might as well introduce myself and my team members. This is what we have been working on in March! I’m Nathalia and I will be the primary blogger for our team. I am in charge of conducting meetings (both design and art) […]

May I Introduce Our First Project: Escape Architect VR!

Do you like finding your way out of (or into) locked rooms?   Do you enjoy building levels and creating perplexing puzzles?   Well Escape Architect VR is the game for you! Players will be put in the role of a testing employee, working at a company that commissions escape rooms for /slightly/ shady individuals. […]